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Think that a custom home is out of your price range? Think again! Price a

construction package in Chamberlin Ridge with Costa Homebuilders and see what you truly get for the price. Costa Homebuilders

uses many materials and have many features tract

homes can’t compare with. Costa Homebuilders puts in

things such as thicker foundations, french drains, and

engineered beams to help create a strong house that is

less likely to settle or creak as it ages. They use quality

materials for all sorts of items you wont get with tract

homes. High end exterior wall waterproofing,

engineered subfloors that resist bowing, real wood

baseboards, and many other great features all come

standard. When you get a custom home in Chamberlin

Ridge, you get the incredible combination of a peaceful retreat with wooded views and great backyards combined with the convenience of all the amenities of the South Hills of Pittsburgh and a top notch school district.

In addition to all the fine details a person can add to their new custom home, there are many standard features that set our builders apart from “big box”

companies. When you add all the costs for upgrades in a tract home, your costs could be in excess of $100,000 in addition to the base price. This means you would be paying a price similar to a custom home, but your home would not be custom.

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If you think you are ready to upgrade to the home of your dreams, stop by the development, send us an email, or give us a call. We will gladly help you  understand if a custom home is the best choice for you. Check out other developments in the area and then check out Chamberlin Ridge. You will understand the different feel you get when you are in a new development of all custom homes.

Information presented on this website is subject to change. Contact us to ensure the information you have is the most current.

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Why Choose a Custom Built Home in chamberlin ridge

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Are you ready to upgrade from your current home? Do you want the ability to customize the home of your dreams in every way, and not just get to choose a few details? Are you ready for a home that is designed specifically with your family and your lifestyle in mind? Every home in Chamberlin Ridge is custom designed and engineered to the customers specifications. Construction packages in Chamberlin Ridge also come standard with many features tract homes won’t offer. Items like a deck or patio, a concrete driveway, and a sidewalk are all included in the price. You can bring your own designs, or work with our approved builder, Costa Homebuilders, to design the home of your dreams.

Chamberlin Ridge vacant lots for sale
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